Services and entertainments

Additional services in the hotel

  • Sauna
    In the hotel we offer a real finnish sauna for you.
  • Billiards
    Also we offer you billiards (Russian and American pool). The time when you can play is not limited. Price: pool - 7 euros/h, russian 9 euros/h
  • In rooms
    In each room there is a TV set which has been set up on receiving of lot of channels; among them are most popular international channels.
  • Summer games
    In summertime you can play table tennis and darts. Also there is a grill on which it is possible to fry kebabs or a barbecue
Additional services in the hotel


Ski resort Uuperi

Near to hotel there is well known ski resort Uuperi

  • Restaurants, cafe
  • 5 descents of 300-450 m, height of 73 meters
  • 2 anchor lifts and the ring lift for snowborders
  • 2 canopies for rest with grills
  • Snow gun, illumination
  • 2 machine for care of descents
  • Descents are suitable on complexity for beginners, and also for skilled mountain skiers


Ski resort Uuperi


Recommended nearest fishing docks:

  • Langinkoski
  • Pyhtää
  • Siikakoski
  • Korkeakoski

We wish you an excellent catch!!!


Important information for fishers!!!

  • In Finland according to the Law on general laws it is authorized free-of-charge fishing in any reservoirs on a fishing tackle and subglacial catching.
  • For persons up to 18-years also for seniors 65-years and older it is not required payments of a State Tax and a payment for catching on a bait.
  • However, by catching on a spinning for persons from 18 till 65 years, payment of following gathering is required: a State Tax on restoration of fish resources (kalastuksenhoitomaksu), and or a payment for catching on a bait, or the sanction of the owner of a reservoir (kalastuslupa).
  • The state duty on restoration of fish resources (kalastuksenhoitomaksu) at the rate of 6,00 for 7 days or 20,00 for a year can be paid in any post office of that province where fishing is planned. The receipt of the duty leaves addressed to the fisherman with the indication of the starting date.
  • The payment for catching on a spinning makes 6,00 for 7 days or 27,00 for a year.
  • The sanction of the owner of a reservoir is bought usually in special automatic devices on sale of local sanctions (paikallinen kalastuslupa) on places of catching. Cost from 8,00 up to 25,00 are depending on a place of catching.
  • The paid receipts should be always with you. Persons from a preferential age category (till 18 years and from 65) should have the document confirming age on hands. Observance of rules of fishing is watched by controllers
  • All gathering are to be paid by the fisherman under own initiative before the beginning of fishing.

Where to go in Kotka?

Kotkan Uimala

Swimming pool KOTKAN UIMALA: pool open-air and traditional covered pool, a mini aquapark with a hydromassage and saunas.

Opening time:
Mo-Thu: 6.30 - 21.00,
Fr: 12.00 - 21.00,
Sa-Su: 11.00 18.00

The ticket office closes 1 hour earlier!

Prices: adults - 3.50, children - 2.50

Travel: motorway -18 to Kotka, district Katariina, reference point - greater sports arena, address: Puistotie 9-11.

Kotkan Uimala


Langinkoski was a summer residence of Russian emperor Alexander III, picturesque natural park.

Opening time: up to 31.08 daily 10 - 19 (in September-October Sa and Su: 10 - 16). It is closed for visitings in the winter.

Prices: adults - 4.00, children - 2.00

Travel: motorway -18 aside Kotka, nearby 5km.




Maretarium is a museum-aquarium of sea fauna of Finland.

Opening time: daily 10 - 17. Ticket offices are closed at 16.00

Prices: adults - 10, children - 6.50, children till 4 years free-of-charge.

Travel: motorway -18 to center of Kotka, area Sapokka



City park

City park is an excellent place for walks and rest. Falls, lake.

Opening time: daily

Price: free of charge

Travel: -18 to Kotka, center, area Sapokka

Sea walks

Sea walks to islands on small and big boats.

Departure time: Mo - Su various time in a range from 10 to 20. Walks on a sea gulf of Kotka, a trip on islands Kaunissaari, Lehmasaari, Varissaari, Kuutsalo, etc.

Prices: adults - from 4,00 up to 15,00, children - from 2,00 up to 4,00

Travel: -18 to Kotka, center, area Sapokka.

Citymarket, Prisma

Are hypermarkets of the mixed assortment of goods.

Opening time: Mo-Fr 8 - 21, Sa, Su 8 - 18

Travel: -18 aside Kotka, nearby 10.



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